Protesterer mot de facto-forbud mot Beograd Pride

I en fersk pressemelding reagerer de europeiske grønne på det som så altfor lett kan oppfattes som et de facto forbud mot Beograd Pride:

The Spokespersons of the European Green Party have expressed their dismay that the Pride event due to take place on Sunday 20th September was de facto cancelled by the Serbian authorities as a result of threats of violence and intimidation by far-right extremists.

EGP Co-Spokesperson Ulrike Lunacek, who is also an Austrian Green MEP and is herself a lesbian, said: “Last Sunday’s Pride event in Belgrade should not only have been a real celebration for Serbia’s LGBT community but also an important sign of progress regarding the human rights situation in Serbia as a whole. However, by retracting their earlier promises to ensure the protection of all those taking part in the Pride event in the face of threats of violence from extremist ultra-nationalist groups, the Serbian authorities have effectively handed those very groups a victory and have shown that they are not able or willing to guarantee their citizens their Human Rights as covered by the European Convention. This is an extremely worrying situation for everyone who cares about human rights in Serbia and in the Balkans and Europe as a whole.” Several members of the LGBT Intergroup in the European Parliament, including Lunacek, have formulated some critical questions to the Commission about its reaction to this denial of the freedom of assembly by the Serbian authorities.

EGP Co-Spokesperson Philippe Lamberts, who is also a MEP for the French-speaking Green Party Ecolo, continued: “We European Greens will continue to scrutinise the situation in Serbia and work alongside LGBT activists and human rights defenders to keep up the pressure on the Serbian authorities to so that people are no longer denied their right to gather and demonstrate peacefully because of the government and police’s inability or lack of will to guarantee security for Pride or similar events. What is clear is that the Serbian government must take urgent measures to strengthen legislation so that those who incite violence are charged and punished, and not rewarded as they have been in this case. Any failure to do this promptly will show that Serbia still has a huge amount of progress to make regarding human rights, equal opportunities and anti-discrimination measures before it can be considered ready to join the EU.”

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